New Year New Sofa
New Year New Sofa

New Year New Sofa

We are entering 2020. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that 2010 was almost a decade ago!

Well anyway, everyone enters the new year with new vigour to achieve great things. Each new year brings some changes in everybody’s life, be it small or large. It is all about leaving the past behind and stepping into something new and wonderful.

Change and resolution are the two words that are on everyone’s mind around this time of the year. There are people who look forward to the new changes the new year would bring while others make a resolution to change certain aspects of their lives. Be it exercising more or spending less or reading more or even travelling more, everyone thinks about taking or starting to take new steps in the direction of betterment of themselves and those around.

If you are one of the resolution makers and are stuck on what resolutions to make this year, we have a brilliant suggestion. Since we are speaking about changes so how about this year you resolve to change the old furniture of your home or office and give your house or workspace a complete makeover, sounds exciting right? Being one of the best sofa set manufacturers in Pune or being the successful sofa set dealer in Pune or furniture factory manufacturer in Pune, we have the perfect furniture that will give your abode or workspace the much needed new year makeover!

Here are a few of the samples …

  1. A Classy Piece for Your Office Waiting Lounge

This coffee coloured sofa set will turn out to be the statement piece of your office-waiting-lounge area and statement pieces surely make heads turn! This one has a classy look that will add elegance to any area. It has a contemporary style low back floating back. At SPNS we are experts in making and creating waiting lounge sofas and this one is one of our elegant pieces. You can buy this beautiful piece here – Float Two Seater Sofa - brown color Letherette by SPNS

  1. The New Cool!

The sectional sofas are the new cool in a classic way. These sofas not only utilize space and corners in a prudent manner but also are super comfortable. At SPNS we make the best sectional sofas in Pune and here’s one of them. It is compact and can not only be used in your house but also in your office. This sectional sofa is a simple, sturdy, affordable and a comfortable piece like no other. You can buy and know more about it here –


  1. Say hello to Royalty

In this new year give a royal touch to your lovely abode with the help of this wonderful sofa.  This Cinderella couch can be used as a sofa by day and lounge by night. It comes with a stylish bolster. You can buy it here –

Cindrella Chaise-LHS-Beige and Magenta Colour-spns furniture

  1. The Ideal Comfort 

Sofa cum beds are a real blessing, isn’t it? Along with being highly multipurpose, they are also highly comfortable and make the best utilization of the available space. This lovely creamy and grey sofa cum bed is what dreams are made of. At SPNS we make the best sofa cum beds in Pune and this is one of our minimalistic yet effective pieces. You can buy this wonderful one here –

3 Seater Sofa cum Bed

All this lovely furniture will definitely give your house the desired new makeover this new year.

At SPNS being of the best sofa manufacturers in Pune we make many such furniture pieces to give your house the style you desire. Check out our product section for more options –


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