Choosing The Right Color Of Sofa – For Office Or Home
Choosing The Right Color Of Sofa – For Office Or Home

Choosing The Right Color Of Sofa – For Office Or Home

One generally buys new furniture or a when one designs a new office or designs new home. The other reason to purchase is when one re-designs, revamps the office or home.

The choice of color is also a key criterion along with design. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the color for your sofa- for office or home.

SPNS Furniture has done research on color psychology and given various colors to the range of sofas. The team of designers can advise you to choose the color of the sofa depending on the category such as;

Commercial interiors Offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, beauty parlors, spas, ad/web design firm, architect’s office.

Residential interiors- Flats, row houses, bungalows.

The sofas can be in different materials of upholstery like—-. They also can be in various models like L-shape, Sectional, and Fabric Lounges. Yet color of the sofa is equally important.

The world of colors

The colors are 7 in a rainbow. Whereas, as per color theory, there are basic, primary colors that are red, yellow, blue. Then there are secondary to the choice of color, material, design of the sofa which are green, purple, orange. Then further there are tertiary and quaternary colors like beige, peach, olive, lilac, etc. Black, white and grey are shades.

All the above colors when they are basic- they are bright. When they are mixed with black or white, they take shades. The light shades are high key. Middle tone shades are the middle key. Darker shades are low key.  In addition, there are metallic shades like silver, gold, bronze. Color schemes of interior and the color of your sofa.

Color schemes categories

  1. Warm color scheme- This is a combination of warm colors like red, yellow, browns
  2. Cool color schemes- These are blue and green.

The further schemes can be as follows:

  1. Analogous- These are warm combined with warm colors or cool colors combined with cool ones. You can choose the color of the sofa matches the cool or warm color. For instance, if the color of the interior is browns- you can choose the red, brown, pink sofa. If the color is cool, that is in shades of blue, then the sofa can be in a shade of blue or green. White, black or shade of grey sofa can go with any color scheme.
  2. Contrast – This is a combination of warm and cool, contrasting colors like red and green, yellow and purple.

The sofa can in contrast colors like above. Again White, black or shade of grey sofa can go with any color scheme.

Now, these can be further combined as pastel shades, bright shades, shades of grey combined with colors, white interiors, grey interiors, monochrome schemes.

Specific colors, moods, meaning effects each color can have for your sofa.

White sofa– The color of cleanliness and purity. It evokes visions of newly fallen snow and fluffy clouds, gives a sofa an open and airy feel. Psychologically white often leads to positive changes in body functions.


Black sofa– Black can be suggesting prestige and sophistication, can be perfection(when used judiciously) for drawing attention to a room’s features and accessories or for giving life to other colors in the décor. The color is suitable if used in moderation.

Flora Lounjer- SPNS Furniture

Yellow sofa- The color of brightness, happiness, energy, and warmth. Research shows that yellow is the color that creates the strongest emotional feelings, mainly because of its long wavelength. It can boost spirit and self-esteem and stimulate creativity and intellectual activity.


Blue sofa- Blue is the color of the sky and the color of peace and tranquility. It is soothing to the mind, conveys feelings of trust, calmness, and trust. Light blue helps with concentration and deeper blue can stimulate deeper thought.

Panama-01-sofa set-spns-furniture

Red sofa- Red symbolizes energy, life in design– and strength, compassion, love, and passion. The variants can be crimson, scarlet, post office red.

Cindrella Chaise-LHS-Beige and Magenta Colour-spns furniture

Green– You might be surprised to learn that green is an extremely relaxing color. That’s because its wavelength falls right in the middle of the spectrum and the eye adjusts to it immediately with no work or adjustments necessary. This color is evocative of new growth, balance, and harmony, peace.


Come to SPNS Furniture at Pune the unique showroom that presents ONLY SOFAS. The team at SPNS can discuss with you and advise you the color of the sofa, its design whether it is Waiting lounge sofa, Office sofa set, wooden sofa.

The best way to make the choice easier is to bring the pics of your interior to show them, which can further make it easy for both of you to discuss.


Have colourful , comfortable new year with a new, energising sofa!

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