Fabric Care Tip

Fabric Care Tip

SPNS is known for exotic, durable and beautiful fabrics used to create the sofas. To maintain the elegance and the quality, the essential care must be taken.

  • Regular Cleaning and care

Do not rub the fabric else it will result in pilling. A low suction vacuum or a gentle brush can do the work. This will help remove the dust particles and will help keep the sofa clean and intact.

  • Stains

If you observe a stain on the fabric remove it immediately. An older stain may not be removed completely keeping a permanent mark. You may contact us for the query regarding removal of stains.

  • Fabric Cleaners

Before you use any cleaner to clean the fabric take our assistance regarding which fabric cleaner to use. It is always better to use a cleaner that suits the fabric given. This will maintain the colour and quality of the fabric for long.

  • Exposure to sunlight or heater

Never place the sofas directly in sunlight or near the heater. It made fade away the fabric colour.

  • Pilling

This problem may occur due to normal use. A single or group of loose fibres on the surface can twist and form tiny balls – also known as pilling. This cannot be considered as the flaw. Fibres on the clothes, spec of lint or dust may be the reasons for twisting the fabric which may cause pilling. A regular use of vacuum may reduce this. Another option is the fabric pill remover which is available in the market.

  • General Awareness

Avoid placing wet towels or clothes on the sofas as they can leave a water mark resulting into bleaching and an unattended mould growth. Also it may result in discoloration and bleaching. Use steam cleaning and spot cleaning processes carefully. Put your pets off the sofas as they may leave the fur strands that may damage the sofas. Fabric protection solutions are available that can be used for keeping your fabrics clean and fresh.

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