Leather Care Tips

Leather Care Tips

SPNS is known for quality, innovation and durability. The same applies to the leather used. Leather is the natural product. It is therefore applied a protective layer to increase its durability and make it more resistive against spills and soils.

  • Cleaning and conditioning

The areas that come in direct contact with the body, hair or skin need to be take care of more. Vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dirt and dust. You may use the cleaner if required. Do not clean more often else it may deteriorate protective surface.

  • Leather cleaners

Leather cleaners must be used for cleaning the leather. This will help maximize the life of the leather. Wear and tear of the leather will be minimized.

  • Stains

If you observe a stain on the leather remove it immediately. An older stain may not be removed completely keeping a permanent mark. You may contact us for the query regarding removal of stains.

  • Avoid this for leather

Detergents, alcohol, chemicals, soaps, shoe polish, wax, window cleaner, silicone, saddle soap or any cleaning product not designed specifically for your type of leather should not be used. Also let the leather not come in direct contact with the wet clothes, swimming costumes or towels. This may reduce the life of the leather.

  • General Awareness

Avoid placing wet towels or clothes on the sofas as they can leave a water mark resulting into bleaching and an unattended mould growth. Also it may result in discolouration and bleaching. Use steam cleaning and spot cleaning processes carefully. Put your pets off the sofas as they may leave the fur strands that may damage the sofas. Leather protection solutions are available that can be used for keeping your fabrics clean and fresh.

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