The 5 Feature Experience of buying a sofa in Spns
The 5 Feature Experience of buying a sofa in Spns

The 5 Feature Experience of buying a sofa in Spns

There is always an eagerness, novelty, and enthusiasm in buying furniture- more importantly, a sofa – for your home or office. One thinks of the design, material, size and of course the budget. One also thinks of taking the advice of the interior designer.

The category of the showroom where you are buying the sofa!

This is the priority factor we would like you to think of- is it a manufacturer’s sofa factory in Pune or, is it the Dealer that represents a company and brands of the sofa.

This factor makes a big difference. Buying a sofa from the manufacturer’s showroom- especially from SPNS- directly gives you an edge over buying from a dealer.

Here are the advantages of a sofa purchase at SPNS:


1: The variety of designs at SPNS

State of the art factory

SPNS being an exclusive sofa manufacturer in Pune, its showroom offers you the complete variety of sofas. There are sofas for homes and commercial interiors- offices, restaurants, showrooms, and lounges.

There are fabric/leather sofas, lounge sofas, L shaped sofa, Sectional Sofa, office sofas and more, in sizes and, colors of the rainbow.

Whereas if you go to any dealer’s showroom you may not see the magnitude of this variety. There is a limitation of the dealer- it could be the supply from the company, the stock, vivid designs.

2: Quality assuranceQuality Check

The SPNS showroom has all the responsibility of its products, being the manufacturer. The quality check is done before every sofa comes from the showroom

3: In time delivery

Delivery to home

SPNS has the entire set of operations in a streamlined manner- from manufacturing to the showroom to presentation to you and delivery.

This may not always happen in a showroom which is dependent upon the stocks.

4: Custom made sofa

Customized Sofas at SPNS Furniture

More so often, you may not like any design in the showroom. Then you can think the design of the sofa and get it made. This you cannot do at the dealer’s end, but SPNS can offer you this advantage.

5: Cost- the final criteria

specific budget

Most importantly – as you can understand the sale of the sofa is from the manufacturer to you as the customer, directly.

Thus the sale equation is A to B.

In the case of a dealer, the sale happens in several steps- from manufacturer to distributor to dealer and finally to you.

Thus the equation here is A to B to C to D.

As you can see the difference- it’s the cost that happens to be more when you purchase at the dealer’s shop. Here the profits are added at every level and thus they add to the total cost of the sofa.

Whereas, the cost is surprisingly less when you buy the sofa at the manufacturer’s showroom- more so at SPNS.

Come to SPNS Furniture at Pune the unique manufacturer showroom that presents Only Sofas. The team at SPNS can discuss with you and advise you the color of the sofa, its design.

The best way to make the choice easier is to bring the pics of your interior to show them, which can further make it easy for both of you to discuss.

Buying a sofa- buy it at SPNS- the manufacturer showroom in Pune.

Visit our website for more details.

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