Boston Cream & Brown Colour Three Seater Sofa

Boston Cream & Brown Colour Three Seater Sofa

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30,800 27,999

  • Type : Three Seater Sofa
  • Dimensions : H 35″ x W 78″ x D 34″ (all dimensions in inches)
  • Seating Height : 17″
  • Weight : 63 kg
  • Warranty : 24 Month’s Warranty
  • Assembly : Carpenter Assembly
  • Room Type : Living Room
  • Primary Material : Fabric

in stock


*Slightly Colour shades may vary as per image or may differ lot to lot.

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This item: Boston Cream & Brown Colour Three Seater Sofa
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30,800 27,999
30,800 27,999
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25,100 22,799
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17,600 15,999

This Sofa Bring sophistication and elegance into your living room, with strong mid century influence which is completely upholstered The high end fabric is used which contribute it a touch of style. The wooden elements of the arm rest and wooden base frame complete the classy and sophisticated finish with Melymine Polish.Wooden arm rest can be used as extra coffee table. All the 3 Back cushion are Removable and washable. Extra Pillow case can be replaced with new one to get complete fresh look of the sofa.

Key Features


Longer Life

Affordable Prices

After Sale Support

Individual comfort

Peace of mind

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  • To avoid rings and heat damage, always use coasters or trinkets before placing hot things or glasses on the chairs.
  • Sunlight, heat and other environmental factors can spell trouble for your fine wood, don’t place furniture in front of unopened windows, vents or fireplaces to avoid fading and damage to wood.
  • Frequent dusting can keep dust from building up. Always use soft cloth, microfiber to avoid damage. Airborne particles can lead to erosion and damage to your furniture.
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