Your house is your statement. So is your office that speaks of your integrity. The company knows you keep- and the selected guests you invite for a well cherished weekend. The same principle applies to the clients you invite at your office sofa set. The interior of the house/office speaks for your taste, so does the choice of sofa that is the first welcome gesture for the guests you have invited. Here is when you impress the guest with the sofa design, along with your warm opening greetings.

Well, just as you have chosen the locale, the space, the design, and the color scheme and the furniture in your interiors- the sofa also has to be astutely chosen- the one that speaks for your style.

While choosing the suitable yet a designer, contemporary sofa, one has two consider certain key features like-

  1. The dimensions- They should accommodate in the space appropriately.
  2. The ergonomics- This means the design should complement the posture, comfort of the persons who sit on it. Hence the design, the contours, its height are important. To know it, the best way is to sit on it, experience the difference in comparison with other sofas.
  3. The perfect look- Human brain needs only up to three seconds to form an opinion about anything you see. Hence in one glance, you know you like it or not- the analysis that follows is only a thought process. The smart look is an integration of its trendy contours, color scheme; the material quality- all this together impresses you before you touch it.
  4. The upholstery- It can be leather or foam. Its texture has to be even and in composition with its curves, folds. Its durability and the method to clean it also to be considered and confirmed with the showroom.
  5. The color scheme- It basically is recommended to be analogous – in sync with the color of the interior. For instance, if the ambiance is in the warm color, i.e. reds, yellows, browns, or if it’s in color, i.e. blues and greens- you can choose the shade to match that. Sometimes commercial/office interiors can be grey, black and white- then you can choose the shade in greyscale. For some interiors that are in bright shades- you can even go for primary shades.

SPNS Furniture is one preferred sofa manufacturer in Pune that specializes in manufacturing in offering sofas for the purpose you look for- whether it’s for home, or office, or any commercial interior. The factory has a team of specialized designers, ergonomic consultants, and R&D that keeps track of the changing trends and the needs of the modern world.

A favorite showroom of interior designers and buyers with a taste of elegant design, SPNS has a range of sofa in various sizes, colors, materials, and designs of modular/sectional sofas. No wonder, its sofa collection boasts of a long list of proud, privileged, satisfied buyers, interiors that have got the value for money, for years.

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