Types of sofa set

Types of sofa set

Sofa is one of the important furniture elements of your living room. It is very important that your sofa set should mirror your style and at the same time should be ensuring the comfort.  Over the years this essential furniture piece has witnessed a gradual yet stylish evolution. The result of this evolution is that we now have great sofa types with us.

Some of those types are as follows

  1. English or Club Sofa Set

Such sofa sets are super comfortable and aesthetic. One of the most important features of this Club Sofa Set is its rolled back arm. It not only provides comfort but also looks very appealing. The cushions on the seats of such kind of sofa sets are usually tight but are super comfortable. This is a classic type and dates back to 19th century.

English or club sofa set

  1. Camel Back Sofa Set

This Sofa Set is called so because of its hump like back structure which resembles that of a camel. It has rolled arms. Usually there are no back cushions in this one. The legs are usually open. Such kind of furniture looks very attractive and enhances the looks of entrance hall or a lounge!

  1. Sectional Sofa

This type of Sofa set is multi-piece furniture which means it is made by bringing together various pieces of furniture. It has a very modern appeal and design and hence it is widely used everywhere now-a-days! The configuration is either L or U shaped and it is made up of 3 or 5 or even 7 pieces.
Sectional Sofa

  1. Bridge-water Sofa Set

This is one of the most comfortable sofa sets. It is majorly meant for laying back and relaxing. Its cushions are super soft and this sofa set has low set back arms. It has a rolled backrest and the back is higher than the arms.

Bridge water sofa set

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