Tips For Handling And Moving Furniture
Tips For Handling And Moving Furniture

Tips For Handling And Moving Furniture

Furniture is that piece, without which, the interiors of any household seem incomplete. Besides that, it also defines the style of the house and speaks a lot about the inmates. Since it holds a special place in the house and the hearts of the people (technically and literally) it needs to be handled with the utmost care. We at SPNS being one of the best sofa Factory in Pune understand all the above aspects and are well versed with them.

The planning required to move the furniture while shifting to a new house can definitely be quite a daunting task.

Well, we are here to help you out. In this blog, we will be talking about some expert tips on how to move your furniture from one place to the other and how to handle it while doing so.

Tip to move and handle the furniture

    1. Safeguarding and shielding your furniture while moving is a must


A piece of furniture may come in contact with the walls or other sturdy structures, during the moving process which may result in damage such as a mark, dent or a deep scratch. For example, if you are moving the sofa set like the one in the picture Wooden Sofa Set or any of the tables from the picture there is a high chance that the contact with the sturdy walls or door frames can cause damage to them. In this case, you need to purchase large moving pads and tie them around this furniture with large bands or tapes. Both these things are easily available online. You also should cover your floor with thick cardboard to prevent damage to the floor. You can also cover the furniture with blankets and plastic tape.

  1. Plan The Whole Process And Positions


While moving the furniture, it is very important to plan where the furniture may land. Without planning the whole moving process becomes very difficult (Remember the ‘Pivot’ scene from ‘Friends’, you don’t want to end-up there do you?!) Sketch out the measurements of the room and draw the placement of each furniture before moving into a new house. Make sure you carry this sketch with you and give a copy to the helpers for simplifying the process. We at SPNS being the providers of sectional sofa in Pune, leather sofa set in Pune or even sofa cum bed in Pune, we understand that placing a piece of furniture at the right position is very important and hence we manufacture pieces that make your planning process super easy!

  1. Techniques and Precautions


  • When you are shifting or moving couches, you need to carry them vertically on their side so that you get space to carry them through the door. you need to slide them through the door by turning them vertically on the side.
  • Use the ‘L’ method to get the chairs out of the doorway. In this method, you turn the chairs on the side to form an ‘L’ and push the long end through the door and then bring the rest in, so that you ensure that the chairs don’t get stuck.
  • Pushing is easier than pulling the furniture. Try and slide it rather than lifting and take care of the weight distribution when you shift.
  • Remove all the items inside your furniture if any.
  • Buy and use tools that will help you lift your furniture while moving like lifting straps, dollies and harnesses.
  • Dismantle the furniture that can be dismantled, while shifting, this will simplify the process of shifting to a large extent.


Follow these simple tips and you would have a safe shifting and moving experience!

At SPNS, being one of the best sofa manufacturers in Pune and also being the providers of sofa cum beds in Pune or sectional sofas in Pune, we create furniture that is easy to move, shift and maintain!


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