Waiting lounge

Waiting lounge
The Spirit Of Festivals- Match Them With The Spirit Of New Designer Sofas

The auspicious Ganeshostav is here. Soon there is 9 day Navaratri festival dancing on the tunes of Garba. Next is one of the important muhurtas- Dassera- Vijay Diwas. The climax is the festival of lights- Diwali. Well, beginning with Ganeshostav- it is the Shriganesha- i.e. the devoted beginning of any…

Customized Sofas –  Comfort And Style As Per Your Needs

While most sofa furniture manufacturers in Pune sell readymade sofas, some are uniquely offering custom made sofas as per your needs. What is a customized sofa exactly! Well, you need one when you have specific requirements and purpose for your space – may it be in your office, hotel, restaurant,…

Your Welcome Statement For Your Guests- An Elegant & Designer Sofa.

Your house is your statement. So is your office that speaks of your integrity. The company knows you keep- and the selected guests you invite for a well cherished weekend. The same principle applies to the clients you invite at your office sofa set. The interior of the house/office speaks…

Love At First Sight – A Win-Win Sofa In A Waiting Lounge

Whether you see a pretty person or a serene landscape, or for that matter a waiting lounge of your office/showroom/clinic or any commercial interior- it’s the first impression that counts. When you create a positive, welcoming impression of your waiting lounge and thoughtfully chosen designer, comfortable sofa – you have begun…

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