Sofa Cum Bed from SPNS : Design Cum Durability.
Sofa Cum Bed from SPNS : Design Cum Durability.

Sofa Cum Bed from SPNS : Design Cum Durability.

We all know sofa-cum-bed for quite some time. Leading sofa manufacturer and showroom in PuneSPNS designer’s team has done focused research on sofa-cum-bed and how it can be useful for families in the longer run.

SPNS has designed a unique range of this type of furniture. The range offers great advantages over other designs in the market. Here are the highlights.

1.Two mode design

Sofa-cum-bed follows the principle-form follows function at its most. SPNS can be given a special mention of this aspect. It has different shapes, modifications that can be useful when you are using it as a mere sofa, and when you open it as bed as well. SPNS the sofa factory in Pune adheres to the key design principle ‘form follows function’ in each sofa cum bed.

2.Color schemes that elevate your moods

The range comes in amazing color schemes. It offers some of the unique color schemes every family with a modern taste has dreamt of. It has an avant garde silver and black color sofa-cum-bed. Then there is earth shades of beige and brown color combined, cream and grey color model. Instead of the usual single color sofa, SPNS has developed duel color models that combine two colors rising to an elegant experience in interiors. You can, of course, any single color or combination of colors to form a scheme that is a soothing feast for eyes. They can be in warm colors- like reds, off whites or maroons. You can also go for a cool color scheme in shades of blues and greens. One can also go for a grey, black and white scheme that makes another unique statement to match your moods.

3.Upholstery for edge to edge elegance

SPNS sofa manufacture is very choosy about the upholstery of sofa-cum-beds. The ste covers fabric sofa- plane colors or minimalistic motifs sofas, leather sofas with different textures to add to the grace. The fixing of this upholstery is given critical attention in pasting or stitching from corner to corner.

4.‘As you like it’ custom made sofa cum bed

SPNS doesn’t stop at the above features- it has gone a step further in listening to your design, and manufacturing custom made sofa to meet your needs and likes. Many-a-times we have a certain design in mind that has fascinated us for a long time. You can encourage your creative spirit by making a sofa of your design and boast of it. The customization can be done in dimensions, design, color schemes, and upholstery. To make this simpler and easier you can bring a sketch or a photograph for reference to the design you are looking for.

5.Managing space and creating space

This as you know is the most prominent benefit of sofa cum bed. In other words, it is the sofa when you want to sit and bed when you want to rest and sleep. In recent times as space management has become an important aspect in flats cause of compact rooms, this feature is most practical.

6. Material comforts

SPNS is very much concerned with your comfort. Hence the ergonomic design is supported by a specially made mattress, and its material inside that gives you ultimate comfort after a hard day’s work.

7. Durability that in the long-term

There is a myth that sofa-cum-beds are not durable. This is not so in the case of SPNS furniture. Every sofa including the sofa cum bed in point is made to last. The durability is considered in ply-woods, mattresses, upholstery and polish of the sofa. Every family’s sofa is the proud possession SPNS makes it a point that it serves you in the longer term.

8. Customer satisfaction- the secret of sofa popularity of the SPNS range.  

That satisfaction is experienced on the sofa by the showroom. You can get it also in the warm welcome when you visit the SPNS showroom, the communication with their designer and sales team and of course the display of sofa range in SPNS 12000 square feet showroom in Pune.

The fascinating SPNS sofa cum bed range. See it to believe it!

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