Sofa is a bulky affair and we know this. We care for our customers and hence take utmost care to make avail the facilities of shipping and delivery. SPNS is known for quality and comfort and it is we who know how to delicately handle our product. We don’t like our customers worrying about the delivery and shipping. Sofas though are bulky cannot be handled roughly. Proper packaging needs to be done so that no loss is caused to the quality and elegance of the sofa.

Keeping in mind this factor, we at SPNS ship and deliver with care. We best know how to take care of sofas while handling them. You just choose the sofa you want and sit back and relax. We will carefully ship and deliver the sofa to your doorstep. We provide a free delivery in PMC and PCMC areas. Timely delivery is yet again a benefit. Also we give 1 year warranty on all our products. This is the reason you can rely on us. Your sofas will enjoy a safe and yet a quick journey with us till they reach to you. We deliver the best and that quality needs to be maintained till it reaches you. Hence, we provide you with free delivery and shipping option.