Research shows the brain requires only 3 seconds glance at any design- to form the opinion about it- whether you like it or not. The same applies to interior and furniture design. The likable design sends out positive vibrations to you- it appeals to your sense of aesthetics and its application by you.

What makes you like a certain design of interior/furniture?  Well- it does follow the principles of design in thoughtful integration- then the whole composition is there to win your heart.

The furniture plays an important part of every interior- may it be commercial offices, showrooms, galleries, hotels, restaurants, malls, or residential apartment flat, bungalow, villas, residential gardens. Each category of interior has a specific objective/purpose of application/use- thus its form decides the function. In other words an astute designer studies it’s function and then gives it the form accordingly- while making the entire design visually elegant.

Furthermore- the sofas that are part of your furniture play a kind of first-winning-impression of your interior that welcomes the guest/ or that gives the comfort to the occupant. It usually is the first piece of design when you enter the space of the interior- hence that is when and where you form the first impression. As you can see in commercial interiors, sofas are located at the reception that is the first stop for the visitor. In residential design it plays the same role as well as it offers the comfortable seating arrangement for the gusts/occupants at home in the drawing room/TV room. That is why choosing an appropriate sofa is important. It does precede a thought and the sense of design, functionality as it is there to make a positive, welcome statement by you- your communication to the guest.


Essentially one has to look for the sensible, aesthetic integration of elements of design in furniture/sofa.

  1. Space- The dimensions of sofa and its relation with the available space of interior, its utility.
  2. Line- In other words the form, shape, geometrics or curves of the 3D design of sofa. Of course the entire composition has to look elegant, essential- and not unnecessary, at times heavy. The totality has to emit a positive inviting appeal.
  3. Forms- It is essentially an entire shape of sofa seen from all angles. It can be stylized in modern, ornamental and such. Yet it has to be well balanced and rested appropriately on the floor.
  4. Light- This calls for the consideration of the ambient light or specific lighting done around the sofa- to match the mood and function of the interior.
  5. Color- The entire sofa can be in a color scheme- or monochrome. The colors are preferred to be analogous to the interiors. Likewise  if the ambience is in brown- the sofa can be in warm pastel shades or bright hues. This can be decided as per the interior use/purpose.
  6. Texture- Now this can be the polish of the wood, texture of the upholstery material that compliments to the color, design and the mood of the interior.
  7. Pattern- They add further imagination to the interior. The visual elements can be forms in the world or simply design patterns adding rhythm and further grace to the design.

The modern day design now thinks of Ergonomics in furniture/ sofa design. It is the study of people, their movement, efficiency, comfort, convenience with respect to the design. That is why when you see the sofa in the showroom, though you may like it- yet  sit on it, experience it, imagine it in your interior- so as to see how appropriate it can be for your purpose.

Finally , practically one has to see the reliability of the sofa brand, its image, durability and ultimately the cost- to get the value for money , completely to your satisfaction.

SPNS- the leading, exclusive SOFA  manufacturer and showroom in Pune has a team of specialist designers that consider every aspect mentioned above. SPNS when it comes to design- puts your viewpoint at the center in creation of every sofa. The team believes- well known design philosophy- ‘God is in details’.  The designs wherein follow the latest trends and times- by effectively integrating the form, function, comfort, and the look of the sofa. The cost effective range of SPNS Pune showroom  includes- Leather sofas, Fabric upholstery sofa, sofas in modular sections, L  shape sofa. A specially designed sofa-cum-bed for modern homes.  The office requirements cover Office sofa, Waiting lounge for reception.

No wonder SPNS sofas grace the interiors of well known commercial interiors and happy, serene homes, all over.


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