Saffron Desert Sand Colour Sofa

Compact yet elegant, our Saffron design is a perfect combination of pace and elegance, This design can be used in residential as well commercial spaces. Stitching can really have an impact on your sofas. This design gives you the piping option You can choose from simple no piping to modern double stitching to bold contrast piping or. Stitching is really a cool way to accent your sofas.

  • 3STR -32 H x 72 W x 30 D; Seating Ht – 17″
  • 2STR- 32 H x 52 W x 30 D; Seating Ht – 17″
  • 1STR -32 H x 32 W x 30 D; Seating Ht – 17″

Key Features

  • Strength
  • Longer Life
  • Affordable Prices
  • Flexibility for each product
  • Improved individual comfort
  • Peace of mind