Cedar Lounjer Sofa

This Sofa Bring sophistication and elegance into your living room, with strong mid century influence which is completely upholstered. The high end fabric is used which contribute it a touch of style, Seat foam is of 7 inches thick. The adjustable wooden tray on the arm rest and base frame complete the classy and sophisticated finish with melamine Polish.Wooden arm rest can be used as extra coffee table. All the 3 Back cushion are washable. Extra Pillow case can be replaced with new one to get complete fresh look of the sofa.

  • 34 H x 8.6’X6 ft x 34 D; Seating Ht – 17″

Key Features

  • Strength
  • Longer Life
  • Affordable Prices
  • Flexibility for each product
  • Improved individual comfort
  • Peace of mind


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