Bangkok Grey Colour Sofa

Italian style sofas for home decor with Fabric upholstery, Fabric sofas are easy to maintain compared to other fabric upholstery and Regular vacuuming and cleaning keep this Fabric-like vinyl material in top shape. You don’t need a specialized vinyl or leather cleaner. Mild soap and water will do. a perfect balance between support and comfort. It is low enough that you won’t feel yourself sinking deep into it and in the process harming your back, but high enough to provide support to the shoulders.

Dimensions in Inches

  • 3STR – H 36″ x W 74″ x D 34″ ; Seating Height : 17″
  • 2STR – H 36″ x W 55″ x D 34″ ; Seating Height : 17″
  • 1STR – H 36″ x W 38″ x D 34″ ; Seating Height : 17″

Key Features

  • Strength
  • Longer Life
  • Affordable Prices
  • Flexibility for each product
  • Improved individual comfort
  • Peace of mind

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