Love at first sight – a win-win sofa in a waiting lounge

Love at first sight – a win-win sofa in a waiting lounge

Whether you see a pretty person or a serene landscape, or for that matter a waiting lounge of your office/showroom/clinic or any commercial interior- it’s the first impression that counts.

When you create a positive, welcoming impression of your waiting lounge and thoughtfully chosen designer, comfortable sofa – you have begun the winning process of the meeting with the guest/visitor.

Consider the series of events that precede the entry of the person who has reached your office reception and so, the waiting lounge- he/she might have traveled through the busy traffic and reached your office building. He finally would have found the parking space and then arrived at the lift- where a queue could wait beforehand. Next – at last he/she reached your reception, talked at the reception and eventually sat on the sofa in your waiting lounge.

Well, now here is when and where he gets comfort while experiencing the first impression of the whole interior and the positive vibes. This is the moment, the place when your waiting lounge and sofa offer the guest a win-win proposition.

How do you achieve it- here are 5 key factors you can focus on and easily make the welcoming, winning go easy and smooth.

  1. A warm welcome– The receptionist has to be smiling, welcoming and cooperative, proactive to welcome the visitor, lead him to the sofa.
  2. Let there be light – The light arrangement should be soft, sufficient to his perception.
  3. Chai pe Dosti– A glass of water before he asks and a sip of tea/coffee offered to the guest take the first positive impression further.
  4. Provide relaxation for the visitor– Choose leisure magazines [avoid boring dailies- which he has already seen in the morning] on the table near the Office sofa Set in Pune that give him the moment of relaxation.
  5. Provide distress and comfort with the right sofa– The subconsciously rejoicing, decisive moment of the visitor is when he sits on the sofa. It should dissolve his stress the moment he sits. Now this is the moment when you make his first impression, which you have made a positive one- make a lasting one. The thoughtfully chosen sofa will give you the success in it!

The choice of a winning sofa- for the waiting lounge:

Leather sofa set

Here are some key tips to choose the right sofa:

  1. Stick to the winner- Choose the brand that knows the form and functionality of the furniture- a manufacturer brand that is time tested and used by your peers.
  2. The differentiated design and the look– The look of the sofa, of course,  has to trendy, different, yet speak for your business modestly, politely, confidently. The upholstery can be Leather Sofa Set in Pune or any other chosen material.Pl note the material, its texture is your company’s style statement.
  3. The color speaks your welcome note– The color of the sofa can be analogous/ matching to the scheme of the interior. Depending of the nature of business, it can be in black, white or bright color or in pastel shade. You can decide corresponding to the enterprise which can be a hotel, consultancy office, clinic, product showroom, IT office, ad agency, architect studio or any other corporate company. The choice of the color says a lot about your design sense and the positive attitude of yours towards the guest.
  4. Justified price of the sofa the value you get- The sofa is a long term purchase, yet the first, opening the sale- statement of your business- yet hint a win-win situation for him- for its not the one time meeting with him, but a beginning of a long term business relationship- in this age of customer-centric, relationship marketing. Hence above factors come are the prime criteria and price is last but not the least.

At SPNS Sofa set dealers in pune, you can actually see the above features and choose from a wide, designer range of sofas for offices, homes- for commercial or residential interiors of your choice. They come in different sizes, upholsteries, colors, designs- modern, traditional, palatial, or avant-garde- you visualize it- we have it- precisely to fit I your interiors- adding grace to it.

See it for yourself – and look forward to a unique sofa that will win the heart of your guest.

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