How to choose a designer sofa- that promotes the image of your office
How to choose a designer sofa- that promotes the image of your office

How to choose a designer sofa- that promotes the image of your office

SPNS Furniture- the unique, exclusive sofa manufacturer, and favourite sofa showroom in Pune offers a sofa for every type of office. You can have a fabric lounge sofa, 3+1+1 sofa, waiting lounge sofa, L shaped sofa leather sofa and more. You can also make a customized sofa as per your design- in a size, material you choose.

A person’s office, the furniture, the colour scheme and most important  sofa is the reflection of the office- its business status, culture, management, and ultimately the image.

One may say why does it matter!-Here is why:

Think about it- one may say- if our product, service is good- why do we care about how the office is designed- or how the sofa is. However this is not the case.

Research shows- in a blink-  or 2-3 seconds a person’s brain forms an opinion about anything the eyes see. Same thing happens in an office interview- in first few seconds the decision of the interviewer is made positive or negative about the person who has come for the interview- long before his resume is seen and the communication is done.

Think about it-  when you see a pretty woman- she could be in a glamorous dress or a serious office look – Or a man who is shabbily dressed or a polished corporate, immaculately dressed man. Even a woman’s hair style or a man’s unshaved face can make you form an opinion. Even the grownup, dirty nails also tell about the person. Here you don’t see the details one by one- but in a glimpse see the entire composition. Now think what opinion you can form after seeing the look! In essence the person’s non – verbal- it doesn’t speak but tells.

SPNS furniture firmly believes this. That is why each sofa is a piece of art, durability and design yet in a budget.

This is why you have to choose a sofa as per your office or a commercial establishment of any type. Here are some examples.

-A graphic/web design firm– The sofa can be a designer sofa- or a creative off beat design- in bold colors.

– An architect’s firm– This too is the design firm- yet the sofa can have the modernist look- a geometric-the Avant- garde look- in subtle pastels shades and a matt finish upholstery.

-A fashion boutique– It can have a sofa with textile like motifs and in feminine baby pink color or a bright contrast.

-IT company– It can have a grey geometric sofa making the serious business statement yet express welcoming warmth.

-An industrial co office- It can have the color continuity with the logo color of the company- e.g. Tata group office its sofas are always in blue- corresponding its logo blue.

-An executive hotel– The waiting lounge sofa design has to speak comfort and luxury.

-A jewelry showroom– It can have a design that is glossy, ornamental, yet rich in look.

-A clinic– Can have a L shaped sofa for waiting patients- matching the color of the walls.

This is it- the detailing and design thought that corresponds the type of the office and such sofa can enhance the image of the office.

Have a go at our site- and see the designs that can be suitable for your office. Best is bring the pics of your office, come to the 12000 sq ft showroom and meet our designers, sales people- and decide the one.

God is in details- so is in your sofa design, image and the progress of the office.

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