While most sofa furniture manufacturers in Pune sell readymade sofas, some are uniquely offering custom made sofas as per your needs.

What is a customized sofa exactly! Well, you need one when you have specific requirements and purpose for your space – may it be in your office, hotel, restaurant, showroom or home. You can take the advice of sofa manufacturer and interior designer – he can study your space, analyze your briefing, purpose, the kind of activity in your space and of course the visitors.

custmize sofa by spns

One of the unique sofa Set Dealer in Pune is SPNS who offers a wide range of sofas as well as customized sofas according to your needs. The company offers a range that includes Fabric lounge sofas, 3 + 1 + 1 sofa, waiting lounge sofas, sectional sofas, modular sofas, sofa-cum-bed, wooden sets, chairs, and tables of different types and sizes.

One can see such kind of range first to get the idea of the sofa he is looking for. The customized sofa can be, for example, an L shaped one for the reception. It can be one for the waiting lounge matching the color, design, and ambiance of the office. In some cases, it can be a big hall, a conference room where you want to make an innovative seating arrangement. The need can be also for your row house, bungalow or

the drawing-room, study of the flat.  Beyond all these needs you could be looking for an offbeat, creative design in shape, size, color, and material. You can get one made that complements your vision. You can specify the dimensions, material, color and of course, the budget. The designer of the manufacturer, being a subject expert can help you arrive at that.

cindrella couch customize sofa

At SPNS Furniture you can have the customized sofa, your way that matches your vision and budget, schedule. You can combine, modify, choose from the wide range of sofas on display at the showroom first- or initiate your requirement. Next step is to sit with him with their interior designer, discuss with him and freeze on the kind of sofa you want.

Manufacturing since 2002, SPNS believes in the principle- ‘customer satisfaction above all’. A company that gives ethics and service a priority conforms to ISO 9001:2008 norms. They have a manufacturing set up spread over 15000 sq ft. Consisting of high tech equipment and fully trained people. It is led by a team of interior designers with a unique creative acumen and enthusiasm that welcomes you with a smile- poised to offer you what you want.

SPNS offers unique features in the sofa- that is quality and comfort- that translates into ergonomically studied designs, easy maintenance, and durability. However that is not all- it offers you a wide range of innovative designs, materials and above all- affordable.

The service support of SPNS begins with your first meeting with them, and the qualitative approach starts from the choice of raw material to delivery of the sofa in an appropriately packaged manner to your doorstep. The delivery is free of cost in Pune and PCMC.

Do visit SPNS showroom to see, experience elegant sofa designs- and of course a cup of warm coffee with the warm welcome by the coordinator to chat with you!

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