Buy Sofa’s that compliment your home decor.
Buy Sofa’s that compliment your home decor.

Buy Sofa’s that compliment your home decor.

Furniture today is not a mere consumer want. Every aspect of one’s own home depicts and broadcasts personality to the world. Personality, however, cannot be simply bought. It has to be curated carefully and with tremendous precision. What better piece of furniture to show what kind of person you are than a sofa. It’s not a mere object to sit on, people use it to rest, to relax, to communicate and to listen. SPNS has developed such a sofa which meshes in completely with your home décor and personifies it.

It has become the leading Sofa set manufacturer in Pune due to the sole reason that every sofa set made, is made with passion and care, all for you. It offers not just one type of sofa to cater to your needs, for example, the Leather Sofa Set manufactured in Pune has a unique blend of new age effortlessness and Centurion character which adds a certain luxurious and timelessness to your décor. A Leather Sofa Set can add beauty and depth to any décor it is paired with.

Fabric Sofa Sets bring a certain sublime sense to a house; oomph and finesse become staples of any living room consisting of Sofa Sets with Fabric upholstery. Sublime and Smooth Fabric sofa sets hypnotize anyone in the room with its stylistic features.

Erica Two Seater Sofa-SPNS-Funiture

Sectional Sofa Sets are made for a team and by a team, a sofa which doesn’t compromise on comfort but delivers enough space for everyone. It provides ample seating with its modular section design, which truly personifies the phrase “Esprit de corps” with affluence and luxury.


L-shaped Sofa sets are perfect to capture your quaint and laid-back vibe your home has, it provides additional seating space without consuming a lot of space. L-shaped Sofa’s are 2 in 1 set, the design turns it into an extra bed for some unexpected guests but yet again doesn’t compromise on coziness.


Sofa cum Beds have revolutionized comfort since their inception, Sofa cum beds go a mile further than any ordinary sofa, by introducing the true style quotient, Sofa cum beds are the perfect guest room built into one. Sofa cum beds not only provide comfort but become a true multi-tasked with several storage spaces to hoard possessions or store essentials. The sofa cum bed is high on functionality and is a trendy and contemporary furniture piece.

3 Seater Sofa cum Bed

Office lounge sofa and Office sofa sets provide the few but much needed stress-free moments in a workplace, Stress is a huge and rampant problem but with the comfortable SPNS Office sofa sets, a better workplace atmosphere is created.

Float Three Seater Sofa Combination of cream & brown color-Letherette

Wooden Sofa sets add class, sturdiness, legacy, and strength to its richness and subtlety. A commodity which personifies class and charisma while providing you with a sofa which matches the rich heritage of your entire décor.

New Arrival-sofa set-Manufaturer

“Cellar Door”, a word which has no otherworldly meaning, it communicates its basic function; a Door to the cellar. This word, according to several linguists and poets, “Cellar Door” is one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language only because of its sound. In today’s world where a word as unceremonious as “Cellar door” has such an understanding behind it; SPNS treats each and every sofa with the same understanding, importance and passion. It has become the leading sofa manufacturer in Pune and Maharashtra because each and every sofa made has a true understanding and pure passion behind it. It strives to deliver only the highest quality of sofa’s to the customers, made from prime materials and handcrafted to perfection.

SPNS, the furniture factory from Pune humanizes comfort and passion, effortlessly.

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